Printed on 4/8/14


Whether you have horses, cows, sheep. goats, deer, rabbits or the dreaded guinea pig, you might consider this hay alternative.

So what is Chaffhaye?

100% Hay Replacement
It's not a pellet, it's not a dry hay, it's called pasture in a bag!
Chaffhaye is fresh forage that captures the key qualities of a natural pasture. Harvested at the peak of its nutritional goodness, Chaffhaye is packed in airtight, weather resistant, 50 lb. bags or 20 oz. if you have small critters. In the bag, Chaffhaye undergoes a natural fermentation that "predigests" the forage. This process makes Chaffhaye very palatable, highly nutritious forage that can be stored outside.

The Chaffhaye Advantages over baled hay.

* Easier to handle (we put a whole ton inside a Ford Excursion)
* Less waste, nearly 100% (leaves and stems) consumption
* Nutrition remains consistent
* Available year round
* Tender & more palatable than baled alfalfa
* Optimal health through enhanced nutrition
* Total Digestible Nutrition (TDN) 68% plus
* Nutritionally equivalent to 80-120 lbs of good quality hay
* Less manure
* Reduces vet bills from respiratory issues caused by dust
* Reduced risk of colic as pasture like feed.
* Certified weed free

Chaffhaye can be picked up at our store in Fort Lupton, Colorado the address is 1100 Denver Ave.

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