Printed on 4/8/14

Survival Still

What is the Survival Still?

The Survival Still is the most effective emergency drinking water system on the planet. The Survival Still is a heavy duty, stainless steel water distiller that is so effective that you can even turn ocean water into high-purity, sterile water, forever.

The Survival Still

Permanently supplies high-purity, sterile drinking water.

Extremely effective against all types of contaminants.

Kills and removes bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Is a permanent solution for purifying sea water.

Does not need filters, maintenance, infrastructure or a supply chain.

Distillation is recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross!

10 Reasons You Should Own a Survival Still Today...

1. IF THE POWER GOES OUT in your city for an extended period of time there is a good chance that the water coming from your tap could be dangerously contaminated sometimes for weeks or even months.

2. WITHOUT A SAFE SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER, even the healthiest people can become severely ill within days and not be able to look after their family or provide help where it's needed.

3. YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN OR WHERE an emergency situation will strike. One of the largest earthquakes ever to hit the USA was in Missouri! Earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding can leave homes without a safe supply of water for weeks or longer.

4. WORLD EVENTS ARE HEATING UP. Iran has threatened to attack us with a cyber attack or an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which have the potential to critically damage our electric infrastructure.

5. THE SURVIVAL STILL uses the process of distillation, which is recognized by FEMA & the Red Cross as one of the best ways to protect against microbiologically contaminated water.

6. THE JAPANESE FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR accident demonstrates that water can also become severely contaminated with toxic metals, chemicals or even radioactive contaminants. The Survival Still is extremely effective at removing the full spectrum of potential contaminants.

7. THE SURVIVAL STILL produces consistent results for the life of the unit without the need for filters, electricity or maintenance.

8. THE SURVIVAL STILL allows you to be completely water-independent during an emergency. Each of us needs to be as self-reliant as possible during an emergency so we are able to focus on other issues such as taking care of our family and helping the community.

9. THE SURVIVAL STILL IS INEXPENSIVE, small (only 1 foot x 1 foot x 4 inches) and light, so it's easy to store away in your closet. Buy extras so you can help loved ones and friends!

10. THE SURVIVAL STILL IS DESIGNED to save your life, but only if you own one BEFORE an emergency happens. Deciding afterwards is too late!

Here is the PDF explaining the process.

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